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Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart
From the album "Mountain High... Valley Low" in 1999.
Giving residents a skill that pays a living wage - now
In particular NOW'S (HVAC)and (GED) program has enjoyed great success in the past year,
with a 97% student rate, and 73% job placement . The goal of (NOW) is  to make a difference in the community with employment training.

At (NOW) the goal is for the student to receive their (EPA/CFC) licenses and (GED).
according to SEA-State Education Agency standard.
We offer:
Hands on heating and air-conditioning training .
Hands on building maintenance training.
Resume writing workshop.
Job placement assistance.
HVAC-EPA/CFC license.  
Work place behavioral skills.
 So please help (NOW) by making at least a (10.00) donation.
Just  push the donate button and fill out the paypal  information its safe and secure.
Call us today for more information!
(202)398-1617 (202)431-3967
3435 Benning Rd, NE Washington DC

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The People your donation have help are listed below,  they all are working now on . (2007-2017)
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Mr. Craig ST. Jamada /DC
It was once asked , what good could possibly come from Nazareth:
refereeing to the birth place of ( Jesus)

My Faith , My Purpose , My Pain
To what length am I willing to go for my community, I think is abundantly clear in the paragraph above. However, some may say that the sacrifice that I've made, is wrong, and above all is far to burdensome for anyone to bear. However, I'm reminded that he will not put on me no more then I can bear. And that in the end, I will receive my reward  for My Faith, My Pain, My Purpose, My Path.
But check this out: THE REWARD
CSOSA- Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency, Found out about my  program and ask me to come and give a presentation of the services that my  program  provide to the community. At whats called, community  justice forum at the Six District  police station on Nov 25 2008, check this out, So I email all my students that had graduated from (NOW) vocational training school that year 2008, to meet me at the six district, that we have a presentation to give, they came and filled that place up to standing room only.  !!!!!!!!!!!! THE REWARD. 
My Purpose,  My Path,  My Pain,  (My Reward).
My students  came to the CSOSA event to support me, and they brought with them their mothers,  fathers,  brothers,  sisters,  son's,  daughter's,  friends and cousins. (My Reward) came from a power grater then my self or any one I know, appeared real that night at the CSOSA event.  in other words, evidence of a power grater then the challenges that my student will face in the future was apparent  with there willingness to come to the SIX DISTRICT.
Consider this if you will, The Six District Police Station was where the event took  place, A
place that some if not all of my students have had the experience of  being  either jailed or interrogated  at some point in time, However,  the students felt a need to come back to the police station and say to the community in their own way, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE.
The (POWER).
My Fear  (His Power)
It takes some  people a life time to realize what there purpose in life or (HIS WILL) for them.
But if you could spend just one Monday morning with me here at the school, and see the faces of my children that I'm trying to teach every thing I know about (Heating and Air-Condition) 
and life skills. I feed them  breakfast  before we start class and lunch at twelve noon,
But  my (Fear) is that one day, what many have said to me time after time will come true, and that is that am going to burn out if  I don't get some help, that what am doing is to much for
one person. However, my fear is over taken by (His power) invest in me to help those in my community to move above the poverty line  and away from homelessness.
            My Fear , His Power , His Protection , His Promise
I'm reminded each and every day that if  I continue to do the right thing, for the right  reason
all else will be added. (check this out)  On  Friday 27 ,2009  at  9:36 PM  after class was over
a student went out to his car and came back into my office and  gave me some (flowers and said
to me thanks for being  here)  Mr. Wood.   So the answer to you all questions about funding is
NO- I do not receive money from the DC Government,  NO- I do not receive money from a Grant,  NO- I do not receive money from a Foundation.  To be honest with you all,  I don't think the DC Government or the council person even know this school is here. Which is OK with me. I personally relay on His Power,  His Protection, His Promise and the community this school serve.  I hope this will answer the many email about funding. Because its really not about funding, its about the FLOWER'S. No amount  of  funding can  measure up to or equal in value,  then  when two men show their appreciation towards each other.
Look, check this out, I'm convince that  His Power can tune  your mess  into your message of hope, and your message of hope, into your mission, and your mission into your ministry.  am on a mission. to do the best I can to help restore the men and women that come  through  the doors of  N.O.W  to their rightful place in the community as respected  and needed members of their family. And I'm not going to stop, I'm not going to stop!!! Trying.
I'll finish this story later
Tell me, what you think about
what am doing in the
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